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Get your track mixed or mastered at Increase Audio mastering suite

Situated within Jack The Bear’s Deluxe Mastering facility in Brunswick, Increase Audio occupies a purpose-built audio mastering suite. Built from the ground up as a reflection-free chamber by internationally acclaimed acoustic designer George Augspurger of Perception Inc Los Angele Matt has 20+ years experience as an audio engineer, music producer and dj, both here in Australia and internationally. He has a solid background of knowledge in multiple facets of the music industry and he uses this expertise to bring your productions into their final stage. Originally from France, Matthieu graduated from Paris’s EMC audio engineering school in 1996, majoring in electronic music. He then went on to work as an engineer for recording and mixing studios, and as a live engineer for the prestigious Centre Choreographic National d’Orleans and La Scene National. Starting out as an electronic music producer and following an international DJ career that put him on dance floor across the globe, he forged a solid base of knowledge on how tracks should sound in clubs and festivals and what formats should be associated to different styles of dance music. Having also run his own record label during the end of the vinyl era, transitioning to CD and then morphing to the digital world, Matthieu has an extended knowledge in the complex mechanisms of the music distribution industry. Currently Matthieu tour the world as sound engineer and general production manager for the likes of OPIUO and DUBFX, building and operating sold out shows at some of the most renowned venues like Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and The Mission Ballroom. Now based in Melbourne, you will find Matthieu operating the sound at many of Melbourne’s premier music events like Transmission at Etihad Stadium, Forum theatre, Let them eat cake ,\ , Rainbow serpent, Thick as Thieves (Shed 14, Timber yard, Burnley park, Riva, etc...), Strawberry fields, Earth Frequency, XE54... Offering his expertise and knowledge teaming up with Increase Audio as a mixing and mastering engineer.